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Album Review: Petaka – Sebuah Dedikasi

“In his Memoriam, Spirit and Mind”…. Petaka is a four piece hardcore punk band resorted in Jakarta, Indonesia. They play…

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Album Review: Explosions In The Sky – The Wilderness

Ebbing and Flowing…. If were talking about intensity , no one could ever do it better than Explosions In The Sky. Pinpoint of…

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Photo Galleries: Disaster Showcase Vol 7

THREAT Event: Disaster Showcase Vol 7 Date: March, 26 2016 Venue: Borneo Beerhouse, Kemang Jakarta Line Up: Hellbeyond, Suri, Haul,…

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Photo Galleries: Disaster Showcase Vol 6

Event: Disaster Showcase Vol 6 Date: February, 28 2016 Venue: Lucky Line Skatepark, Bandung Photos: Danil, Alifanto, Imungke &…

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Saterflesh X Maternal Disaster Art Exhibition From Dimas Satria Putra

Spontanitas karya dengan teknik splatter, brush,  stensil yang expresif dari Dimas Satria Putra atau sering dikenal dengan nama jalanan…

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