On 2013, Ssslothhh released an debut album “Phenomenon” by Grimloc Records, containing 9 songs of heavy atmospheric sludge for 33 minutes, the artwork for ‘Phenomenon’ which has been designed by Herry Sutresna a.k.a Ucok.
Their excellent debut, Phenomenon, will be released on vinyl at September 28th 2015 by Unleashed Records. This re-released version is limited only in 300 pieces and available in 2 versions. There will be 150 black versions and 150 clear marble versions. The test presses vinyl is also available for purchase in a package containing a poster, a postcard, a 1” button and a sticker. This test press vinyl is only limited for 5 pieces.
1. Above and Below
2. Oracle
3. Distance
4. Sequence
5. Wooden Strings
6. Set The Arms Down
7. Thief of Sleep
8. Panoramic Transtion
9. Cyclic