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“In his Memoriam, Spirit and Mind”….

Petaka is a four piece hardcore punk band resorted in Jakarta, Indonesia. They play aggressively with a hot headed hardcore punk attitude, consists of four members. Featuring members from Speedkill, The Brandals, and Zootemple. Danang (Vocals), Wawan (Bass), Yoga (Guitar), and Rully (Drums). “Sebuah Dedikasi” is dedicated to one of Petaka founding members,Rully Annash was the original members of Petaka who sadly died during the recording process of this album. This album has his spirits and rage glimmering on every single drum blows and beats, as stated by his own brother Eka Annash, Rully was on fire playing in Petaka. In one of the shows on 26 April 2015, he stated and I quote “He’s on fire and turned into a completely Different Beast”, so I guess he was right, the drum blows are frickin’ amazing. “Sebuah Dedikasi” composed of 14 tracks of short pure compact hardcore punk anthem, although it short, it’s not to be lightly. It’s hardcore punk for chrissake. Released via Lawless Recordings and Disaster Records this bad boy of an album ready filled your most sensationablemoshpit you’ve ever wanted. Let’s get to it eh?

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“DuniaDalamGulita” as hatred speech to human race for creating chaos and delivering unequal punishment to every living being, Petaka slams us to the bone with that wrathful shifting hardcore beat that dives right on. Some songs are a reaction comment on what’s happening in the world, for instance “Kegelapan Crew” is directly a comment on a newly growing black metal and satanic cult lover music. These guys reminds us that the only to see yourself in a new way is through hardcore punk, to be reminded how everything started in the first place. Seeing through a different perspective, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, NOFX, Lagwagon, I mean these bands is the anthemic stuff that you grew up with. The oppression rage, trying to fight the system and everything else. Songs like “Bombardir” is one those songs that plays on repeat on your player, a direct and firm stand on anti-war movement through Hardcore Punk. Protest against the government you say? “Jatuh Ke Lubang Yang Sama” it’s the only track songs you need when voting for something. Like I said before some tracks in this album is protest and critic to this new lifestyle we’re having as a human being tracks like “Belum Tentu Benar”, “Korban”,”Malapetaka”, “Terhipnotis”, and “Polemik”. These five tracks is basic depiction of our society, ignorant, foolish, and brainless. “Sebuah Dedikasi”, the sixth song on the tracklist based on the album title, a song dedicate to their dear friend rully, a longing of nostalgic moments with him, god bless his soul.

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“Otot Bermesin” rages on with the sun blazing right up on your back, all the tracks in this reminds me a lot of Speedkill lyrical style, those cluster and joint words between meaning, extremely intense. “Invasi” when aextraterrestial being visits earth and conduct a intergalactic peace relation, what would you do? Well, of course this song will be on my mixtape when I give this to them. Last but not least “Hardcore Akhir Pekan”, tired of your ongoing stress and problematic matters this is only the remedy you need. “Sebuah Dedikasi” is very very fun and interesting album, there’s a lot backstory and explanation every on song, from Politics, Aliens, Human Lifestyle, and Stupid Tv Shows, this album is a conclusion on what’s happening in the world. A range of movements in every track that recorded, the hatred and resentment to brainless activities that has been done by the human race, and the fury that cast with grace in times of sorrow. This album is a path of enlightment to their dear parted friend. In his memoriam, spirit and mind.
-Reinhart Jeremy, REVOIRREVOLVE-