Ebbing and Flowing….
If were talking about intensity , no one could ever do it better than Explosions In The Sky. Pinpoint of utter magnificence and harmonies lies underneath their seventh installment, “The Wilderness”. Explosions In The Sky is famous for their overwhelming track on Friday Night Lights known as “Your Hand In Mine”. They also done some soundtrack album for some movies. As a fan who’s been following this Texan quartet group The Wildernessfollows a different theme and grasp notion of a vast endless horizon, space, stars, and dimensions. “The Wilderness” was released via Temporary Residence Limited(Coliseum, Envy, Grails, Maserati,etc) a label based in Brooklyn,NY. Filled with 9 Tracks with total almost 40 minutes length.

The Wilderness is very very much different than the other past releases, they have the same vibe and atmosphere floating around it, sunsets, skies, loneliness, love, heartbreaks. Except for “The Rescue” that album is based on improvisation from the band members. The Wilderness delivers enormous blow, marching into logic and science with this album. Planets and manmade music collide and collaborated together in this manic cheerful tune of happiness and curiosity. Listening this does not require any special effects, all you need is the will of imagination.

For overall segments of the song it’s feels like your creepin’ into the linear line of dots and space, “Wilderness” is like one of those slow moments that contains you, feeling like you’ve entered a new frontier. The sound of the guitar echoing on and the resonating stirs into your senses, The Wilderness give us some segmented part not like the usual EITS back in the days, still this album is surely long awaited. But that doesn’t change the fact that “The Wilderness” is mainly a complete vision of EITS recent soundtrack album from Lone Survivor and Prince Avalance. “The Ecstatics” give us that grand gesture of slow big anthem with chopped up electronic sounds, a feel of epicness and beauty stagnance into your very earbuds.


If you’re looking for a more upbeat and filled with ambience “Tangle Formations” is a formatted powerhouse that suits you, presumably same goes for “Logic of a Dream” you can hear that grand pipe organ resounding and vibrating on mid air with the whole universe colliding in between them. That drum fill flow reminds us of that one scene in Christopher Nolan “Interstellar”, “The Docking Scene”. A longing of darkness and anxiety is what you called a “Disintegration Anxiety” driving in with that powerful drum beat and combining with the electronic sensation of madness, this is the the album biggest diva I presume. My most favourite track too, you can feel the intensity and beauty of madness written beneath that strings of music, what a time to be alive. “Losing The Light” pictures you in a presence of danger and chaos, that slowly builds up promisingly when the piano part comes around, looks like you’re lost somehow without something to hold on to. But in the midst of all that looks like a silver lining of grace and beauty in a downfall, this song reminds me of the classical works of Tim Hecker. “Infinite Orbit” carefully flush us into the universe, the effect are stunningly mesmerizing. “Colours in Space” a floating vibe of music running around in space time continuum, colourful, joyous ambience. It lives up to it’s name, guitar sounds are lengty and echoing right through our heads, with a kick of acceleration turns everything magnificent. “Landing Cliffs” are a brush of bright lights that reflected on your mirror during take off, echoes, bliss and peace.

Nothing makes me more enjoying this album than my logic of imagination and all of sense combining together to find new boundaries within space and planets. EITS completely broken off to find something new to give us.

-Reinhart Jeremy-