Another bites the dust, the quartet belligerent black metal groupAVHATH returns again with their dark reign of terror and deception. In recent past they have done numerous releases such as EP’s and Split Albums. From recent single release “Lethargy / March To The Crater”, and Split album with Haul, Disfare and Violence of Crusade. Now Avhathdescends again with their new recent EP entitled “Hymns”. Forged and hardened with slaughtering riffs and dark aura “Hymns” contains 4 Tracks that fuelled by anger and hatred. Almost total 15 Minutes of Black Metal that indulge hardcore and d-beat aggressive attitude.

“Hymns” also released by Disaster Records, a label based branch from a clothing brand “Maternal Disaster” in Bandung. This EP has a different touch than the other releases, has more grip and beginning to develop a character into Avhathitself. “Hymns” tracklist featured I. Blood Moon Rising, II. The Putrefied, III. The Aftermath, and IV. The Solipsist, and soon to be released in 16 April 2016 via Disaster Recordings.

The album starts off with “Blood Moon Rising” a rhythmic epilogue of destruction. A manic intoxication of atmospheric beatdown, Blast beats drumming with vocals that spread across the room like a disease. “The Putrefied” on the other hand walks right in to my most favourite track, punctuated with blistering guitar riffs and feedback noise that screech,Avhath rules the night with this anthem. “The Aftermath” compiled to a genre nostalgic moments when the first time you heard your first black metal band, whether is Bathory, Burzum, Mayhem nor Darkthrone these guys will always have that one intense beginning either is war drums or chanting of echoes in the dark, this kinda stuff don’t go wrong at all. “The Solipsist” reigns and slams across the room with those enourmous beats. Clawing and exploding at the same time, The Solipsist creeps to an explosive state of a black metal gem in our ears, expelling their mobility into a trance of face breaker momentum fused with an atmospheric post-experimental session right in between those lines. Truly they’ve achieved a greater feat to be one thing you should have on your playlist

Avhath – Hymns is a profoundly mindblowing album, features various dynamics of forces in black metal and hardcore. A combustion of fire and blood serenade in a tune of darkness and sorrow. Hymns consists of two sides, whether it’s mellow or rage this parts can go warm to thick in manner of seconds, shimmering blackness and sorrow may be rhythmic dirge that flows to the currents of this album.

Reinhart Jeremy


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