Mind is the set of cognitive faculties that enables consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, and memory a characteristic of humans.

Jeopardize,imperil,endangered,threatened. Menace is able to change a form to another form at will.

Mind Menace is much larger than personal battles. Human have been too caught up in this crying game and they want out.

Deep down there is shade in all of us but there is also luminosity that screaming away the same problems. Doctrine, sinister, spectacles concealed something which is brings to the ills of modern civilization.


“Self Assault”

If you kill someone, at the time there was also a part of you died with


Shadow of sinister plots


We are under surveillance in fact


Defines the end of suffering

“Seeing Sun”

Rise and see, look it up.



The Essence Of The Most Crucial Warfare is Fascist

“Masked Youth”

Masked, Over Hyped and Generic

“Killer Tube”

Your fear is inside the tube


“Thunder Dsstr”

“Roll The Death”


Not every unusual things is a myth