An Interview with Unbound

Danang Prihantoro aka Unbound or Unboundkill is vocalist of Speedkill crossover thrash metal band from Jakarta and one of notorious tattoo artist from Lawless Tattoo studio. After got his first tattoo he became passionate about art and skull-drawing but felt alienated by the art world’s rejection of his dark aesthetic preferences. Black and grey, pointillism, dotworks he contrive art from the darkest corners of their minds and hearts into a wide variety styles of ink in skin.

Cameraman: Refly Megalauman
Video Editing: Vidi Nurhadi Ranadipura
Interview: Agan Ahsan

Thx to:
Lawless Tattoo (Ucup, Icubelle, Jempol)
Bagvs, Cakra, Miko, Manno

– Kelelawar Malam – Malam Jumat Kliwon (Desmodus Rotundus, Yes No Wave Music, 2009)
– Sourvein – Fangs (Black Fangs, Candlelight Records, 2011)