An interview with Ken Terror

A self-taught artist, I*** N****** a.k.a Ken Terror is an illustrator who has been known for his black and white marker drawings that often depict strong social cynicism and sarcasm. His drawings have been constantly published internationally since 1999, mainly as artworks of numerous independent/D.I.Y music records. Among others are Pisschrist, I Object!, Bones Brigade, Reproach, Operation Eat Shit, Sunpower, Broken Bones, Disgust, and whole lot more to name. And some other local bands/records such as Domestik Doktrin, Tcukimay, Hark! It’s A Crawling Tar-Tar, Error Brain, Hellowar, Kontrasosial and many others. His works also have been published on tons of shirts and other band’s merchandises. Ken is originally a musician (drummer) who used to play for several bands such as Radio Riot, Hard To Find, Domestik Doktrin, Tuberculosis, Hark! It’s A Crawling Tar-Tar and Kontrasosial. As illustration for (most) hardcore punk albums, Ken drawings often times imply criticism towards established system. He currently works for a local clothing company as an illustrator/designer after working as salesman, cook and administrator previously.

W: markerxpaper.wordpress.com
T: @maternaldsstr
F: facebook.com/maternaldisaster666

Cameras: Agrielmi Ilyas & Manno
Editing: Vidi N R