An Interview with Daud

Formed in the late 2010 Ridlo and Cakra called themselves Swamp, Space , and Ancient Stones geek until they're finally decide to jam and ask Gerry to fill the Bass. Sung over druggie riffs, they taken the climb up Sleep's Holy Mountain, worshipped at the shrine of Sabbath and underrated heavy southern-baked-stoner sludge unit, Cavity. Heavy and bluesy guitar riffs, flamboyant basslines and their hypnotic amazing drumwork gives the music a very magical feel to it, despite the heaviness. As soon as you hear Daud, you know you'll bein for one hell of a ride… Cameraman: Firman Oktaviawan, Aoki Setiawan Editing: Ewing Juliansyah Thanks to: Radhit P Perdana Video taken at 2013 @DauDoom daudoom@gmail.com soundcloud.com/daudoom https://www.facebook.com/pages/DauD/139363136137048 maternaldisaster.com @maternaldsstr