Shred The Dead launching party, Day 2


Shred the dead is a call, a call to anyone who adores death. Limited Edition package collaboration between Corpse Corps Boards and Maternal Disaster. Both companies share an interest to the dark side of skateboarding, demons, darkness and all grim things matters that trully represent our brands characteristic. For this collaboration we produce some products, such as:

– Coffin deck

– T-shirt

– Skateboard duffel bag

– Snapback cap

Coffin deck is also produce at New York USA and the other thing is produce in Indonesia.


We hold Launching Party titled “Shred The Dead”. On Friday November 09th – Saturday 10th November 2012 at Swarga Cafe, Jl, Pangeran Dipenogoro No. 25 Bandung.

The participant in this exhibition is (9-10 Nov 2012):

Opening performance by Pemandangan

– Bocil

– Death Mental

– Ican Harem

– Ihsan Khairul

– Ken Terror

– Rekti Yoewono

Musical Performances  (10 Nov 2012)

– Alice

– Daud

– Haul

– Jelaga

– Ssslothhh

And this is the second day

alley to the pit


Gerry from Daud

Cakra also from Daud

caught in a mosh…

Dinar From Ssslothhh



Awvi from Haul


Dika from ALICE

Samsu ex bass player from ALICE

Ridlo from Daud occupy the ALice stage

Miko from ALICE

Joe, Vidi, Masdod, and Lambang

Cak Araya 🙂

Uwi, Kenji, Ihsan and Bocil

And check the Video recap: