Maternal for ALICE

ALICE is a chaotic-metal band from Bandung, Indonesia. was formed in the middle of 2005 . The former line-up was Miko, Angga, Joko, Sams, and Bobby. But as time goes by, ALICE have several changes.

And for current line up, ALICE have Miko (vocal), Hasbi (Bass), Dika (Guitar), Dicky (Drum).

ALICE “Scream” Tshirt

The printed in the t-shirt designed by Vidi Nurhadi

The Box set (Package  1) Limited!!


– Tshirt

– Konsorsium Humaniora CD

– CD Bonus (5 songs)

– ALICE embroidery patch

– Maternal embroidery patch

– 2 Stickers ALICE

– 3 Stickers Maternal

(Package 2)

– Tshirt

– CD Bonus (5 songs)

(Package 3)

– Tshirt

– ALICE embroidery Patch

Box set on the first package only available 20 pcs.

click here for the video an interview with ALICE