Crimson Night

Fresh blood pours to every inch of the body, sparks the anger, pumps the lust, and craves to keep flowing. Do anything just to make sure every drop counts till all the blood drained, sacrificing every elements of life. Red is always stay beneath the warmth of flesh and bones, it vindicates every creature to live. Red is bravery, rage, dangerous, temptation, provocation, battle, and it could make your heart beat faster. Redden the darkness of the sky, never stop possessing all the livings until the time comes when everything is as cold as night, blackened, and dried.

Concepts : Vidi Nurhadi
Artworks & Designs : Dannus Darmawan, Eyedust, Gravewolf, Zulf, Ramdan, Vidi Nurhadi
Photographer : Burhan Amaludin
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