We’re doing our part to expose the elite and the fingers they have in religion, media, goverments and financial world downfall and their relationship to all of our extraterrestrial connections in the race to control this world. Wake up, it’s happening. All while we stare at a socially engineered lie we think of as normalcy. Unless we make from the dream, there will come true doom.” -Matt Pike-

Setelah merilis album De Vermis Mysteriis pada tahun 2012 dan album live Spitting Fire Live Vol 1 & 2, High On Fire akan kembali merilis album baru. Album yang bertajuk Luminiferous ini akan dirilis oleh eOne music pada 23 Juni 2013.

Luminiferous direkam di GodCity Studio dan Matt Pike memilih Kurt Balou sebagai produser album ke 6 dari band asal Oakland California ini.

1. The Black Plot
2. Carcosa
3. The sunless Years
4. Slave the hive
5. The falconist
6. Dark side of the compass
7. The Cave
8. Luminiferous
9. The lethal chamber