Maternal Disaster × Wellborn

"Far and wide on eyes, never ending unexpectedly.”
A Momentary Proem
You see, there will be riots. As a nice start, Maternal and Wellborn did something together with an open mind. We give it a chance. We are proud Bandung local line, we think the culture of this city is the best meme of life. It is the most authentic way to reflect ourselves as a brand with strong character. In the process, it’s more like a gift, we say. Like a gift, the surprise is half the fun. We really enjoy what we both discover. We connect our own habit and philosophies. Our character is different, but as the story goeswe have something in common: the spirit and energy. So there, you will see us as anemotional polyphony of Maternal and Wellborn. And let’s sing the praise for Iannocentas a part of this collab by being the artist. We knewon how he responded this project, he will be able to tell our fellowship stories on our behalf, becoming an essential journey of a perfect pairing. Wait. Are these words making any sense? This project can go beyond language. You tell us. There is always another side of it, but one thing that you’re gonna agree: our collaboration is a genius poison.
(Tote bag) “It’s what inside that counts. Don’t dare to take a peek and see what you carry on, let’s just get lost in the fog.”
(Hat) “A hat is not a hat. It is something to cover your doubts, questions, answers, constant lines on your witty mind. ”
(Military Jacket) “Store a book, a passport, money, even sandwich on the pocket. Thesketch on the backallows you to speak loud with minimum talk.”
(Bomber Jacket) “No more procrastinating. This slouchy kind of jackie is keep enjoying a hey day and still look like a badass.”
(Zip up Hoodie) “It is the the fog that burns the first daylight of reality, we don’t care about the weather, we wear it to piss off our frenemies.”
(Basic T-shirt) “Let’s not forget in a neverending days, the art of manliness is when basics dominating your daily routines.”
About Iannocent
Iannocent is a Bandung based illustrator artist who loves ink on paper, lines, and cross hatching techniques. His meticulous working process have served as inspiration, particularly when it comes to his story telling that often invited us into his signature, the dark psychedelic imageries and skulls for a chat. On this project, Iannocent reveals the other side of him: the tranquility among his previous aggressive piece of arts. He dwelled with a neverending lines of something unfamiliar respondingthe beauty of low lying cloud and mist of fog.
What Next?
Maternal Disaster
When the first love has always been and always will be the music, the brand is no longer just a brand, it’s a fashion arthefact. We are more about the message behind Maternal music. So the next step is just to make another stories in our journey in Maternal world.
There is always an opportunity to reinvent Wellborn with modern and borderless vision. We are digging fresh ideas about how to make clothes, experiment it and innovate. Planning another projects, collaborations, next collection. We never stop moving.

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