Round-the-clock history of conflict, violence, and slander leaves a gray memory of those victimized innocent ones.  As an illustrator, Reyandi Mardian aka TimTimebroy, hailing from Jambi chooses Bandung as his colony.  In this solo exhibition entitled “Wasted Years”, Timtimebroy is on a mission to portray his depiction of this year 2020, a year of nightmare where mankind castigate as a wasted year. An art print becomes the end product of the downpoured creative process of illustration. Years of vagabond as an illustrator, yet he’s also made a name for himself in the punk scene. Being heavily rooted in the subculture, his respective works are mostly intertwined with police violence, chaos, injustice, gang warfare, and civil resistance. Through this exhibition, Timtimebroy is persuading through his art, to bring people along his journey to open their eyes, to witness the harsh reality of what’s happening everywhere in this world, right now.

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