Maternal Disaster × Corpse Corps: Shred The Dead

SHRED THE DEAD Shred the dead is a call, a call to anyone who adores death. Limited Edition package collaboration between Corpse Corps Boards and Maternal Disaster. Both companies share an interest to the dark side of skateboarding, demons, darkness and all grim things matters that trully represent our brands characteristic. For this collaboration we produce some products, such as: – Coffin deck – T-shirt – Skateboard duffel bag – Snapback cap Coffin deck is also produce at New York USA and the other thing is produce in Indonesia. MATERNAL DISASTER Is a Bandung – Indonesia based clothing company. embraced art, music, extreme sport and lifestyle as influences. Maternal Disaster is Blacken brand Formed in 2003. Expanding the Dream-Quest of Demon force. A mixture between surreal esoteric, lowbrow, myth, and heavy atmospheric covering a broad spectrum of issues, usually somewhat metaphysical, existentialist or macroscopic, as opposed to deeply personal or directly allegorical. Themes often include political dissatisfaction, or criticism of herd mentality. Our focus is  not only on occultism or Satanism but rather on astral projection, darkness, despair, hatred, death and postmodernism. CORPSE CORPS BOARDS Is a New York City based skateboard company producing coffin-shaped decks and high-end apparel. Inspired by illustration, graffiti and urban exploration, garage rock, 80s skateboard culture, and the city streets, Corpse Corps Boards invests in well-designed American-made products with limited edition graphics. Formed in 2011, Corpse Corps Boards produces decks using only the finest American maple, offering coffin-shaped skateboards that hearken the innovative pool-shapes of past eras with dark, yet playful, imagery. Corpse Corps Boards aims to remain relevant in the skateboard and arts scenes by hosting local and international gallery shows, skateboard events, creative sessions, as well as collaboration with artists, companies, and venues worldwide. If you have forgotten where skateboardingcame from and what it is all about, Corpse Corps Boards is here to remind you: Freedom. Freedom to skate and create. Corpse Corps Boards welcomes all forward-thinking skateboard and boutique apparel retailers to approach us about carrying our products. We are only so large and may require initial contact from proactive stores. Support your locals. SHRED THE DEAD, DECK Is a coffin shaped board reminiscent of 80's pool shapes and features the artwork of artist Vidi Nurhadi Ranadipura. Coffin cold shaped 7-ply American Maple deck with skateboard specific glue made by Franklin. Produced in the East Coast using the same wood distributors that supplies to such influential board companies as Blockhead Skateboards (c.1990), Concrete Jungle (c.1987), and JFA (c.1985).  32.25 x 9.25-inch fully functional coffin deck. Dual kicktails. "Shred The Dead" T-shirt Black Cotton 30's, Plastisol Ink Available Size: S, M, L, XL "Shred The Dead" Duffel bag, Black Dinner materials, Fit to Coffin deck size "Shred The Dead" Snapback Cap, Black Twill Fabric One size fits all For order you can check the order page, or go to http://www.facebook.com/maternaldisaster666 More info: contact@maternaldisaster.com 0898 7001 042 For video teaser https://vimeo.com/53084853 For video launching day 1 https://vimeo.com/55033613

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