Maternal Disaster × Ahdiyat

Collaboration beetween Maternal and Ahdiyat. Ajay Ahdiyat (Azhar Natsir Ahdiyat) a.k.a Ahdiyat was born on February 25, 1995 in Kuningan West Java. Ajay is interested in art world since childhood, especially when studying in Fine Arts Education, University of Indonesia Education from 2013 until 2017 then continue to master level in Design Program of FSRD ITB. Currently, Ajay is part of the Pohonpensil community engaged in art movement in Bandung and surrounding areas.
Ajay has participated in several group art exhibitions at national and international level, such as Outline-Indonesia Drawing Festival 2015 in Bandung, International Communication Design Exhibition 2016 South Korea, etc. Ajay is very interested in human relationships, nature, and other living things. Works made mostly present these things in the form of drawing and illustration both digital and conventional.
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