An interview with ((AUMAN))

Sumatran Tiger (Panthera Tigris Sumatrae) is a species of big cat reigning the tropical forests of Sumatra. Being a symbol of elegance and pride of the land, Sumatra is the natural habitat and throne of the amazing beast.

As a form of homage to the king of the jungle, using Indonesian word for roar, ((AUMAN)), used it as name of the heavy rock’n’roll band from the Southern part of Sumatra; with Zarbin Sulaiman (bass), Farid Amriansyah (vocals), Aulia Effendy (drums), Erwin Wijaya (guitar) and Ahmad Ruliansyah (guitar) as collaborators. In addition to Dagger Stab vocalist who return to the land of his blood, the members of the explosive rock unit, ((AUMAN)), are also the honourable member of Rongsokan, Grey, ArtLogica and Delirium; that could be consider vanguards of Palembang’s alternative music scene.

Not only the name taken from appalling roar of the beast; the bold & elegance beauty of Sumatran Tiger also becomes ((AUMAN)) inspiration musically. Raw wild energy of punk fused with masculine heavy rock as the band dangerous arsenal. Fierce distortion roaring from the amplifiers, mixed with sweat as fuel of aggression for these five rockers from the South Sumatra ..

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