Skeletal House

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Green plastic ABS luggage with an embossed logo, a
telescopic trolley, silent-run wheels, and an anti-theft slider
as well as a 3-digit barrel padlock. Comes with a 4-month
limited warranty.
-20-inch luggage/baggage/suitcase.
-Dimensions: 49x35x23 (cm).
-Net weight: 2.8 kg.
-Maximum capacity: 40 liters/9 kg.
-Made of black ABS plastic 1.5 mm thick.
-3-step telescopic aluminum trolley handle with PVC plastic
trolley handle cover.
-4 pieces of silent-run & 360-degree TPU PVC wheels.
-Anti-theft slider zipper with 3-digit combination barrel
-2-point flexible rubber-plastic handle.
-Black polyester inner sleeve with black screen printing.
-Black flexible strap inside.
-YKK(R) Coil Zipper inside.
Lock Instructions:
The lock is set at the factory to open at 000. You can keep it
as your own combination or set a new one by following
these steps:
1.Pull the little red button to set your personal dial
2.Turn the dials to your personal combination.
3.Release the button and test the combination to ensure
that it works properly.
To reset the combination, repeat the instructions using the
last combination you made

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