Poison Nova is a melodic black metal/ death metal band from Cirebon, Indonesia. The band was formed in 2006 under the name Amerta. They recorded and released two tracks (“Akankah” and “God Bless Your Sins”) before changing their name to Poison Nova in 2009.

In 2012, a split album with Bvrtan (refers to Buruh Tani) released under Alpha Omega records, titled “Derita Rocker Kampvngan”. It was a limited album which released only 50 copies. The album contain of 5 Poison Nova’s songs that were recorded during 2009 to 2012.

During 2013, Poison Nova recorded new tracks for their debut EP “Circle of Woe” which is planned to be released without any label at the time. Soon after Poison Nova released a music video for their new track “Silent Wolves, Howling Moon” to promoted their debut EP before they released it. An Indonesian Metal Musician Arian13 ofSeringai got interested with Poison Nova’s music style and planned to released Poison Nova debut EP. Poison Nova finally signed a record deal with arian13’s label Lawles Jakarta Records.

Current Member :
Dhimas Lucky Febrya – vocals (2007 – present)
Soni Gusteni – guitar (2006 – present)
Priya Aprilia – guitar (2014 – present)
Andryan Dutagama – drums (2009 – present)