AVHATH is a 5-piece blackened crust / d-beat / hardcore unit from Jakarta, Indonesia

Officially established in January 2013. The band consists of Ekrig, Indra, Rey and Insan. The band members had also been involved on some respectable music projects in Jakarta, Indonesia scene such as For The Flames Beneath Your Bridge, Catharsis and Werewolf Does Calculus.

The first month was all about intense rehearsal and songwriting. Finally made their way to record a couple songs; which featured in 7-inch split with Haul (Bandung, Indonesia) and exclusively released in a 2-track tape format by Maternal Disaster.

AVHATH’s characteristics mostly epitomize the nasty concoction of dark, vigorous black metal riffs along with fast, energetic crust punk beats.

The notable bands such as Okkultokrati, Deafheaven, Nails, Young and in the Way, The Secret,Cursed and Baptists had been cited as their main influences.